Solution Graphics
8x10 will accomodate 1-2 photos
11x14 will accomodate 1-4 photos
16x20 will accomodate 3-9 photos
18x24 will accomodate 3-12 photots
24x36 will accomodate 5-12 photots
30x40 will accomodate 7-12 photos
1 photo
3 photos A
2 photos
3 photos B
4 photos A
4 photos B
4 photos C
5 photos A
5 photos B
5 photos C
6 photos
7 photos
8 photos
9 photos
10 photos
11 photos
12 photos
ICC Color palettes - you may request one palette or a combination of two palettes
An Inspired Canvas Creation (ICC) is a very personal treasure. The photos you select are
transformed through a process involving several editing techniques. They are mounted on
aritist's canvas in a unique way that adds texture, depth and a beautiful sheen to your photos.
The finished product rivals something you would find in a high-end art gallery.

Below are the different designs/layout options and color palettes available for your Inspired
Canvas Creation (ICC). Please note the restrictions regarding the number of photos allowed
on the different canvas sizes. Smaller canvas sizes will only accomodate a few photos and
larger canvas sizes have a minimum of 3-7 photos. On the order form, you will be asked to
select a color palette and a layout option.
Things to keep in mind . . .

Photo selection -
Ensuring the finished product is what you envisioned requires that you make several careful
considerations. First select photos that have a definite focal point. Landscape and architectural photos are ideal for an
ICC but photos with human subjects can be used as well - although the definition of the subject matter is reduced in the
process. Avoid photos with busy backgrounds so that the subject or focal point doesn't get lost during the transformation
process. A maximum of 12 photos can be included in your ICC.

Color choice - The color palette you choose should complement the ICC's expected surrounding decor. If you know
exactly what colors you desire, you can inform me of the hexadecimal or RGB color values to use instead of one the
suggested color palettes. Please understand that gradients of colors are used in the ICC process, so the specific colors you
choose will be used as a base for the range of colors in the final product.

Payment - When you send your order information and photographs, I will send an invoice for the deposit (half of the
total cost) via PayPal. Once payment is received, I can proceed with the order. The ICC process takes approximately four
weeks to complete and ship to you.
Available sizes:

8x10 - $24 ($8.95 S&H)
11x14 - $46 ($13.95 S&H)
16x20 - $96 ($23.95 S&H)
18x24 - $130 ($38.95 S&H)
24x36 - $260 ($78.95 S&H
due to oversize packaging)
30x40 - $360 ($99.95 S&H
due to oversize packaging)

Custom sizes are also available at
$.30 per square inch plus S&H
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